by | Apr 5, 2022

My story ended with me mentioning EFT. Tapping has been amazing for emotional issues, coping with pain… but there is more to my story and that is how I am improving, regaining what I thought was lost forever.

Part of this story is memory… that is why I was so excited about reading about Bruce McEwen, PhD, director of the neuroendocrinology lab at Rockefeller University in New York, saying stress can lead to memory loss… By tapping with EFT, we can release stress, we can release negative memories held in our bodies, memories which may have occurred recently, and sometimes trace back to earlier times throughout your life.

But from an autoimmune perspective I want to tell you about something that is positive about bringing back a memory, because it can help bring back functions in your body which you thought you’d lost forever. By this I mean bringing back a memory of how you used to do something.

For some years now, I have been reading a book called the Memory Reading Improving Book by Dr. Rudy Cartwrighti, which I bought on Amazon. What is unique about this book is you read your first line in the customary left to right, but the next line is in reverse. As you read down the page, it alternates between these two lines… triggering both sides of the brain and resulting in your body regaining its memory.

In an interview with Dr. Cartwright recently he made these statements about memory, “Here is what I have read over many years of reading scientific research – every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body has memory. For whatever reason that memory can be interrupted. If it’s interrupted for a significant period the function of the cells, the tissues, the organs and the systems start to go down.

“What I want you to consider is that your body it’s like a symphony orchestra and you have a woodwind section, you have a reed section, a brass section you have all these different sections – performing properly and you have a conductor. And the conductor of the human body is the brain. – I often say, no brain – no person.

“You start to whip the brain in shape, and you’ll slow whatever bad process is going in the wrong direction. You start to slow that down, stop it and turn it around and you will get better. The important thing is these things don’t occur overnight; they take time. The only question is are you willing to spend the time and effort to get better.”

He is so correct about time, my recovery is coming slowly over time… in fact I haven’t walked for 10 years, but the exciting part is, I am regaining what I thought was gone.

I used to be moved by an overhead lift to be put to bed, moved to my wheelchair or commode. Now I can manually transfer myself, which brings me a lot more freedom in what I am able to do. In Dr. Cartwrights words, “It is all about memory.

“In your case you can demonstrate – what can happen if when you set your mind to it you can take the memory of your system, organs, tissues and what have you, slow the process down, stop it rather and turn it around in your favour.”

I asked Dr. Cartwright about other autoimmune diseases, will it help them, and his answer was, “Yes, that’s correct, it will be great information for everybody.

“Remember the central nervous system is composed of the cerebral hemisphere, the cerebellum and the spinal cord. And then you have nerve roots coming off the spinal cord and out of the brain stem and once you put that out there, you’ll be off and running.”

Dr. Cartwright finished by saying, “Heather, you went from being pushed in a wheelchair to pushing the wheelchair – that is a huge, monumental deal.”

Dr. Cartwright is a retired neurosurgeon from California who is now specializing in Multiple Sclerosis

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