Secondary Gain

by | May 10, 2022

There is a tendency when you are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to feel a victim to your situation. This ‘victim card’, of course can be used any time you wish. Just pull it out whenever you see a situation developing – perhaps to draw sympathy or help from others. – for the remainder of your life.

Sometimes when working with a client an EFT practitioner is conscious that there seems to be some blockage there. By delving into this a little bit further with a discussion with the client the practitioner is usually aware there is a reason why the person isn’t getting better. Even though they are claiming the opposite.

I love the example Dr. Dawson Church gives in our course material of someone suffering from PTSD. They receive from the Veterans Affairs $60,000 annually. So even though they want the traumas from PTSD go away – they are reluctant to lose their pension.

In EFT we call this secondary gain.

Playing the ‘victim card’ can set you up for the very same thing. A yo-yo question of, ‘if I improve – what possibly will be lost in the process’.

But, if you really think about it, this ‘victim card’ can also have other consequences because it can’t be turned on or off at your convenience. For me, one giant loss would be control of my choices. Because this might mean I couldn’t be choosing a healthy lifestyle, and certainly living in long term care this already has its challenges.

Choices which allow me to spend much time outdoors soaking up vitamin D, which can only benefit with my physical and mental health.

Choices that allowed me to take a clinical EFT practitioner course to start what I anticipate being an amazing career.

I appreciate a quote by Matt Embry, “Because having MS made me understand that simply having the ability to stand up on my own is a gift. MS does not give me an excuse to be a victim, it gives me the edge to be extraordinary.”

Let EFT help you to step out into a whole new world, where you feel more in control of, you’re diagnose and your lifestyle choices free from the ‘victim card’.

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